The Palace: The Haunted Hamburger Jerome Az

Last week we decided to take a trip to Jerome Az, it was a Monday and by the time we arrived most everything was closed (4-5pm). We were hungry after our long drive and decided to venture onto finding a place to eat. While walking around Jerome we came across The Haunted Hamburger, we could see it from the stairs we were standing at and could almost smell the grilling of the hamburgers.

This is where we went to eat.

Upon arriving we walked into what looked to be a crowded restaurant the man at the seating desk asked us how many, 2, and told us we could sit in the small cramped table right beside the door to the patio, or sit on the patio. We opted for the patio, but ended up being freezing cold while sitting out there. We were dressed for warmer weather. We were not escorted to the seats nor were we handed menus when we walked in. We sat a few minutes before the service desk man brought us our menus. A few waitresses buzzed past us a few times before one finally stopped and asked us what we would like to drink she offered up the drink specials but before doing so said something to the extent of “For those who it applies we have blah blah drinks on special”, not I was wearing baggy clothing so it wasn’t that she knew I am pregnant she was assuming I wasn’t old enough to have a drink when I just turned 22 that Saturday. I was a bit irked by this comment, because why not just say the drink specials and let me order a drink and ID me then (if I was not pregnant) instead of assuming? I hate when people assume, so we ordered 2 cherry pepsis, they arrived promptly after ordering and the waitress took our order, I ordered (Danielle) the chicken fingers in a basket, and Todd ordered a Chicken sandwich with guacamole on the side.

We were freezing and chit chatting, we didn’t have a watch and our phones didn’t get service, but it seemed as though it took more than 20 minutes for our food to arrive. The waitress came and told us our food would be right out, 10 more minutes later she brought our food. I expected scalding hot due to the “It’ll be right out comment” but this was not the case, my chicken fingers were luke warm at best, nothing cold, but definitely had been sitting there for a while. I was surprised to see how many chicken fingers/strips I had received for my order, 3 in all with potato wedges (their steak fries) for $7.99 didn’t seem like a lot. I can normally take home food with me because I get full, but there wasn’t enough to take home later.  She came back and asked us how our food was we said it was good, which it was, but it just wasn’t that warm. And we didn’t see her until we were sitting there with our done plates waiting for the check, not once did she check out drinks to be refilled, and we didn’t see her to ask her to refill them. We spent $2.99 on a mason jar filled cherry pepsi “a kiddie cocktail” and NEVER was refilled, to both of us were thirsty. She was nice enough but was not attentive enough. Our bill came to around $26, when we could have had better service and paid a cheaper price for dinner. We definitely were not very happy with this restaurant.

We rate this restaurant 3/5 for food quality and 2.5/5 for service quality.


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