Eureka 439AZ Optima Pet Lover Vacuum

I absolutely HATE this vacuum. This was originally given to us as a gift, it’s small and compact and at first pretty nice. We live in an 800 (or so) sq ft apartment. It has 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom, the living room hallway, and 2 bed rooms are carpet, we then have fake wood floors in the kitchen and bathroom. Initially the vacuum was very simple to put together. At first it worked well and the suction seemed to be enough for the size of the apartment. Eventually after using it for a while and finally collecting enough cat hair I had to empty the canister, let me tell you it is a pain in the ass. For one ALL of the cat hair attaches itself to the filter and won’t drop down during or after use. The canister opens from the top and what comes out first? All of the pet hair, in this case cat hair, that is attached to the filter and all the dirt embedded in the cat hair, so be sure to open it in a bag and outside probably. Now less than a year after use the brush roll light is telling me the brush roll is either stuck or something, I periodically remove all the hair from the brush roll (a whole other cat) and proceed to try to turn it on, in 2 seconds of trying to move the vacuum the light pops back on and the roller isn’t moving, I don’t think it’s the belt…but it could be. Now let me tell you about this belt, I called the co to see where I can buy the belt….guess what? You can’t! You have to take it in to be serviced, I don’t even know how much that costs one, but it doesn’t seem like it’ll be worth it when the vacuum was bought for like $80. Another problem with this vacuum I have is that it doesn’t pick up all of the cat hair that is in the carpet, it just smuches it more. When vacuuming kitty litter it doesn’t pick all of it up but shoots it around the room.

When using the vacuum on the “hardwood” floors with out the brush roller on it just shoots everything every where.  The filter for this vacuum runs in the $20 range from Walmart, eventually filter replacement will equal to more than the vacuum itself. I still have the vacuum but am currently looking for a new one to buy.

Assembly: 4/5
Suction 2/5
Easy to use: 3/5
Maintenance: 2/5


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