I just love getting FREE Samples and Coupons

I just love getting Free Samples and Coupons in the mail! I follow a lot of Freebie blogs on Facebook and it’s just amazing at what I get in.
Between yesterday and today I got 3 samples and 6 coupons! For some of the coupons I actually wrote to the company, this is definitely an awesome way to get your voice heard by the company and get coupons for thing you enjoy.

So what did I get?

Freebie Mail Call 6.30.11

Loreal Youth Code Cream with $3 coupon
Mt. Olive $1 Coupon
Miliani baked blush!!

Freebie Mail Call 7.1.11
I wrote to Lean Pockets and got 2 $0.40 off 1 pack of Hot Pockets or Lean Pocket
Secret Deodorant from the P&G FB
I wrote to Foldgers and got 2 $1 Coupons (did you know they are by Smuckers??)

Pretty cool huh?




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