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I have to say with the hype of the new social networking site Google+ and not everyone being allowed in I can say I’m slightly upset. I had 5 friends able to sign up randomly last night, I had each of them try to get me in and NONE of them have been able to. I just don’t understand how some people are getting in and some aren’t. I understand maintaining the servers and fixing problems and what not, but you have to open it a bit more often and for a bit longer period. Or open invites again, hell allow only 1 invite per person right now, that could help. I’m waiting for it to open again, I’d love to join. I had a friend try a back door didn’t work, I got the e-mail but was not able to join. I got further earlier though, I went to the site and set up a reminder for my gmail account and it took me to the learn more page and I was able to ALMOST log in with my gmail account, I filled in my info and then it took me to the standard we’ve exceeded our numbers blah blah blah. Just let me in please!


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