A Word About Personal Use Breast Pumps

First congratulations on deciding to breastfeed, it will be an experience you’ll remember for a life time! Now since you’re thinking of breastfeeding you might be thinking about a personal use electric pump. I wanted to give you a word of caution when thinking about buying a USED pump, this is not recommended at all. Why? Well because for one you’re using a pump that might not have been well maintained, because the motor is not covered like the hospital grade ones which means micro bacteria can get into the pump. While people think it is not completely likely it is still entirely possible, and that the mother you’re getting the pump from could have had infections, including THRUSH, an infection of the nipple that is painful, like a yest infection on your nipple and in your baby’s mouth, among other more serious infections. I personally would not risk this for myself or my baby. Yes they are cheaper, but you can not guarantee that it is free from disease.


Here is a list of information regard USED breast pumps. Another thing if you receive you personal use breast pump from WIC you have to sign a paper that states you will not sell or give your personal use pump to someone else because of the personal nature of the pump as well as if you try to sell that pump whether it’s via Craigslist or E-bay it is illegal to do so per you signing that contract. I don’t think many women realized what they could possibly encounter when they buy or sell a used pump. I have heard many women say they are buying “all new parts” the problem with this is, is that the motor is open and is not closed, meaning that there is a chance milk could get into the motor.

Here are some resources that may be able to better explain the implications of buying a used breast pump and perhaps persuade you to not buy one.
Breastfeeding Online: Used Pumps 
Breast Pump Deals: Used Pumps 

If you have more concerns regarding a used breast pump please consult your Dr.


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