Blog Spotlight: Play At Home Mom

I recently came across an AWESOME blog about how to play with your children and let them explore their world through that play. I am so fascinated by this page that I am now wanting to do so many of the activities. If you are a SAHM or even if you are, but are looking for activities to do with your children this is the page to check out. They are so organized and just so awesome.

So go check out their BLOG they are also on facebook as well. I highly recommend checking out their photo albums.

So I recently did an activity with my 12 month old son, we took plain yogurt and put food coloring in it. I did two colors, blue, and yellow, and I plopped them into his highchair tray and eventually he mixed them together and made green! He splashed and smashed and had fun. He’s still exploring with his mouth which is why I did an edible finger paint. You can also use vanilla pudding!!


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