Comforts Baby Giveaway!!!!!!!! [EXPIRED]

Hi everyone! I have some exciting news, Comforts Baby has extended to me a gift pack for me to give away to one of my readers!

Comforts Brand can be found at any Kroger and Kroger affiliates!

The Prize:

This will include:

1.Comforts For Baby Diaper bag (Not included in the image)

2. 1 package of Comforts For Baby Comfortable Fit size 4 diapers

3.Baby Oil

4.Baby Powder

5.Comforts For Baby Fragrance Free Wipes

6.Disposable Sippy Cups in various colors.

7.Comforts For Baby Cotton Swabs

We’re sorry but this giveaway is limited to contiguous United States.

To enter please go to my facebook page located on the right hand side!!

This giveaway will Start: Febuary 13th 2012 and END Febuary 18th at 12:01AM






2 Responses to “Comforts Baby Giveaway!!!!!!!! [EXPIRED]”

  1. Amanda Montalvo Says:

    I would love to win this care package. My little sister is pregnant at 17 and I think this would be a GOOD gift for her.

    • sheilasmeow Says:

      Yes it’s a great prize isn’t it!?

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