Saying Goodbye to One Tree Hill

I am very saddened by One Tree Hill ending tomorrow, but I’m also grateful that they will be able to end the show their own way and not abruptly with cliff hangers. I have been an avid One Tree Hill (or OTH) watcher since the beginning, when I heard it was on the chopping block I voted, commented and tried my best to keep the show on air. I really appreciate Mark Schwahn’s effort in keeping the fans in the loop, and making sure our voices are heard. He is an exceptional writer and producer and really takes his shows to heart. I’ve been here from the beginning, hating when Lucas and Brooke were together (Sorry Brooke) and loving when Peyton and Lucas finally got together. I loved Peyton’s dark side and all the crazy things that happened in OTH. I was sad that Dan killed Keith, I was irate and upset when it happened. I was rooting for Keith and Karen to finally be together. When Lucas and Peyton left the show, I thought it was show suicide, I thought Here we go this is going to suck when it comes back! and then I find out something I didn’t anticipate instead of leaving where they left off the previous season that year, they decided to JUMP 4 years into the future, which I don’t think has been done for any show and surely hasn’t worked before either. When it came back I was shocked, excited and very surprised at how well it all turned out. Yes I did miss Peyton and Lucas and found it weird for Brooke & Julian and Nathan & Hailey to be the focal couples, but I’ll admit I ended up liking it. I thought it was funny when Skillz was dating Deb, I thought Nanny Carrie (who is Melissa on Pretty Little Liars and Meredeth Fell on Vampire Diaries) was a bit much especially after we went through stalker Derek with Peyton. I was apprehensive about Dan, I didn’t want to like him but he eventually grew on me, like a fungus. In the end when Dan ended up dying I felt that he became more likeable and it bothered me that I liked him, maybe it’s because I liked Keith better or just because I really really hated Dan, but he did seem to change. How weird was it though when the show came back and we find him married to Rachel? How odd was that? Anyways I’m going to be deeply saddened at the end of this awesome show. It truly has come full circle, and I appreciate the actors who have stuck around to see it through, I have noticed with Julian recreating or turning an Unkindness of Ravens (a book by Lucas) into a TV show or movie that I think we are going to revisit all the old stomping grounds. I’m actually kind of excited for this tie in. I do know that I will probably feel happy, sad, let down, heavy, and will probably cry during the show.

What are your expectations for the 2 hour series finale?


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