Review: Culver’s

On Friday Lucas and I went to Culver’s here in Phoenix. It’s a rather new phenomenon here because about 2 years ago there was only 1 Culver’s near our house. I always wanted to try them but never really went. Fast Forward 2 years later and voila there are many more Culver’s in the area now, and everyone seems to like them. When I first tried them I went with my Grandma for lunch. I was shocked by how great the chicken finger basket was, how when I bit into it, it tasted like an onion ring but with chicken. Their ranch is awesome too. From that point on I loved Culver’s so on an occasional basis I will take Lucas with me to go have a Mommy and Son day out.


On Friday, this not being out first time to Culver’s, I was really excited to go eat there for lunch. It appeared quite busy, we went to the one located next to PV Mall here in Phoenix, we ordered right away and one of the table hoppers (I’m not sure if they have a special name for them so I made it up), Ciara, helped me to the table since I was carrying Lucas and all of extra stuff that comes with you when you have a child. She offered to get my drink, some napkins and whatever else I needed. I was blown away by the service! We sat in a nice small booth, with Lucas in a high chair. We had out number and we waiting for out food. Ciara, brought my drink some straws and napkins to the table for us and we waited for out food. Not too long after we sat down did our food appear and they asked if we needed anything else. While we were eating we had several staff members come and greet us and talk to Lucas commenting on how cute he was to how well he was eating. For some people this can be annoying, but for me I thought it was fantastic because it showed they are interested in their customers and I do believe they have some regulars now. One of the “table hoppers” an older gentleman (found out today, yep we went again but this time with Todd, that this gentleman is from Chicago, but I failed to look at his name tag to get his name) is hysterical he is so funny, and witty, and he is definitely super friendly. The food was fantastic again Lucas and I both got the chicken finger/tender basket with a ton of ranch. It’s a bit pricey though, for just the 2 of us our bill was about $13 and some change, definitely not somewhere we’d go too often, even if we did go 2x this week. With the kids meal you have the option of fries or apple sauce, and on the kids meal bags is a “scoopie point/token” and a “scoopie ice cream” which allows you get get your choice flavor of their ice cream I believe either in a cone or cup with your choice of toppings as part of the kids meal. Lucas loved it, he doesn’t typically get “crap” food or sweets or much anything like that, but occasionally I’ll give in. The first time we went he wasn’t interested in the ice cream, this time we loved it and kept asking for more scoops. We didn’t finish it all though before we both were full. Today we got the ice cream and Lucas wasn’t too into it this time so it just depends on his mood.

I would definitely recommend this Culver’s to anyone who needs a bite to eat, and it is definitely kid friendly. The place is cozy, but also can be loud, which is great if your child wants to fuss or scream before their food arrives (we all know when they are hungry it’s really hard for them to show patience) the staff is friendly and very helpful! When we came in today with Todd this time we came back to the same location, and Ciara was at the cash register and she said “Hi again how are you all” Todd was like “Again?” because she remembered if not me at least she remembered Lucas because she thought he was cute. It was great being remembered and told hi etc. They really make you feel welcome. On Friday I really wanted to give Ciara a tip, but wasn’t sure if she was allowed to accept it or not. So Ciara if you happen to read this please comment and I’ll surely come back and give you a tip.

Definitely an awesome place to go for eats!


2 Responses to “Review: Culver’s”

  1. Belles With Bite Says:

    Always wondered about Culver’s. Might have to check out the one here.

    • sheilasmeow Says:

      A little on the pricey side, but super good food. Here in Phoenix they were quick and very helpful. Never hurts to try something new and sometimes in the junk mail ads you can find coupons!

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