About Us

Danielle (or Dannie as some know her) is a Stay at Home Mom of their wonderful son Lucas, who brings joy into their life. She is heavily into couponing, finding free samples, and telling anyone who is willing to listen about products she has tried, or where to find a coupon or sample. She does not provide the deals, but merely follows other bloggers who provide the deals out there and passes them along. She is also an avid reader and can be found on goodreads often. If you haven’t joined goodreads, you should. Goodreads is a social media network, similar to facebook, but all about books.

Todd is a drum instructor in the Surprise area, he is in several bands performing around the valley. Todd now manages his own website regarding drums, so it will be Danielle doing most of the reviews, with some opinions from Todd being written by Danielle.

Danielle and Todd are very into Customer Service when they go out to eat, or through a checkout line or even on the phone with a customer service line. They can be very critical of the service provided and will often lower a tip if warranted or even over tip if the service was spectacular. They like to be treated fairly, and respectfully while out as a family or as individuals.

Danielle is part of many sampling programs that offer free products to review. All opinions expressed are their own, and is not influenced by the company providing the samples. They will always give you their open and honest opinions on whatever they may review.

You can follow us on many social media platforms:

twitter: @Danniegurl

twitter: @ToddKruger717

IG: @Danniegurl4388

IG: @toddkrugerdrums

Goodreads: @Danniegurl4388

Youtube: @ToddKrugerDrums

Todd’s Website


Any Questions please feel free to comment below!


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