Review: Johnny Rockets Restaurant


Last week Todd, Lucas and I went to Johnny Rockets as part of my birthday dinner. I really wanted to go there and I was very satisfied with my lunch/dinner. When you first walk into Johnny Rockets it has old school music I believe from the 60’s on up it’s set up as a diner from back in the day. Think Happy Days, or similar to 5 in Diner but better. It’s a very pleasant family oriented atmosphere, and each booth has it’s own jute box that allows you to select your choice of music and it will play for everyone in the restaurant to hear. It’s really a fantastic place. When we arrived it was a seat yourself day so we chose a booth in the middle. Lucas wasn’t happy about having to sit in his high chair, but what is great about this restaurant is that it is completely family oriented so you don’t need to worry about disturbing others while your child scream his or her displeasure. Eventually he calmed down when we got him a balloon that was hoovering above him! Great entertainment there. It took us a little bit to get menus, I’m not sure exactly why, but they were decently busy. Scanning the menu they have tradition types of American food, hamburgers, sandwiches, salads, and shakes. We got Lucas their children’s chicken strips, they were very warm and really yummy. I chose, and I do NOT typically get hamburgers but this time I did, I got the Houston which is a hamburger with pepper jack cheese, jalapenos, their special sauce, lettuce and tomato as well as a few ingredients I’m probably forgetting with a side of fries. One thing I was disappointed about was the lack of a pickle on the side, it’s something I love with burgers, or sandwiches, but I didn’t ask for it my burger cost $7.99 and it definitely filled me up well. Todd got a chicken Philly Cheese Steak with a side of sweet potato fries, I believe his was around $10, when he received it he was quite disappointed due to the size and the price. It was a tiny cheese steak nothing worth the price of around $10 he was disappointed with the size, but said that it did taste very good, but that it wasn’t filling and especially not for the price. One thing about Johnny Rockets is that they have “Endless Fries” so what we did for Todd was get another thing of my fries (they don’t do it for sweet potato fries) so he could fill up. AllĀ  in all me and Lucas were satisfied with out meals, and service, Todd on the other hand, was not happy about the meal, but felt the service was great. Everyone was friendly, and nice, a few times Lucas dropped something as a waiter, waitress or buss boy went by and they each would help us pick it up.

Over all I think the price of my burger was a decent price for a sit down restaurant and I would definitely recommend it for others to try. I love the atmosphere and I think it’s a great place to take the kids. Todd and I agree for the size of his cheese steak it definitely should have been cheaper, but he would still recommend it because the ambiance, and staff was great. I even went back in when our balloon blew away, and they not only gave me 1 but 2! They are still inflated, but don’t float, but Lucas is STILL playing with them. I think our total bill came to around $30-$35 a bit expensive for 2 adults and a child, since we’ve gone to other places and spent in the $20 range. But overall I think it’s a great place!!