Review & Giveaway: Soft Scrub 4-1 Toilet Care

Being the person who pretty much cleans every single toilet in our new house I try to look for way to minimize that interaction cause its so not the most fun place in the house to clean (but really what cleaning is fun?). I also went from one toilet to clean before we moved from our apartment to our house, to having to clean four toilets! So when I received Soft Scrub 4-1 Toilet Care in the Alpine scent I figured I would give it a try. I put it in our most frequently used bathroom out of the entire house, that way I could really see how well it held up.  The four points of this toilet bowl rim clip are that it cleans, prevents the build up, fights any toilet ring, and freshens, so I will focus on those points in  my review as well.

I was glad to see how this toilet care cliped into the bowl, see our toilet is one of those low flow barely any pressure to the water, bowls, so I was concerned how well this would work with my toilets. I had to put the clip towards the front of the bow where the most water flow is, I clipped it there right under where the stream would be so each flush cleans the bowl. My first impression of the smell even before putting it in the bowl was, ” Woah this is a bit over powering, but not too bad”, so I felt that it would definitely freshen up the bathroom as well. My toilet care is officially out and now I am heavily considering picking up not one, but one for each of my bathrooms. I saw that the toilet cleaner retails at Walmart for about $2 which is nice, it’s not too expensive and lasts about a month!! So after all this use I can say that I never had a toilet ring, I never saw any build up, I swear my toilet was the cleanest, most shiny and most fresh smelling toilet on the planet!! I never saw anything, my toilet was so shiny and clean that I didn’t need to pull out the scrub brush!! I definitely recommend the Soft Scrub Toilet Care bowl cleaner because its just fantastic! I haven’t tried the other scent called Sapphire Waters, but I just might try that scent too! I loved Soft Scrub Toilet Care!

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Review & Giveaway: Soft Scrub Advanced Surface Gel

So today I got disgusted by my stove top cook top, it’s an old, and by old I mean old, Frigidaire, it’s a white cook top as well (why I will never understand). Anyways while cooking and making life’s messes it tends to get a bit dirty…ok a lot dirty. I *try* to clean it once a week, but I typically do it when it looks terrible. Anyways I got sick of looking at it and decided to try the new Soft Scrub Advanced Surface Cleaner & Polish, the bottle says it can work on granite, stainless steel, glass cooktops and marble so I decided to give it a shot. Normally I use the Weimans Glass Cooktop Cleaner and the Weimans cooktop scrubber, so that will be my comparison.

The first thing I noted about Soft Scrub Advanced Surface Cleaner & Polish was that the liquid comes out clear as opposed to the Weimans which comes out a bit thicker and white. I like it being clear, however I also don’t because it makes it more difficult for me to see it and sometimes I put too much on. The second initial thing I noticed was the smell, it doesn’t smell like cleaner, instead it really smelled like flowers to me, so that was definitely a positive.

The test came when I let it sit for a moment, the directions on the bottle explain that if you have a hard to clean surface to let it sit for a minute, I probably did half of that time. So I did notice that it definitely did not take as much elbow grease as the Weimans did, now that could be due to the amount of residue but I barely had to let it sit and I barely had to scrub using my scrubber. There were a few spots that needed some elbow grease but this time around it really wasn’t that difficult to clean and I’m all about making my life easier by having something that allows me to clean quicker and of course with minimal effort! So far I am pleased with how my cooktop turned out. I haven’t tried it on the other surfaces because sadly I do not how those surfaces to try them on. But from what I have seen it totally would destroy any dirt, grime and left over residue. I definitely would recommend this product and guess what? You can WIN a FREE product coupon for you to try it yourself!!!

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