Review & Giveaway Purex Power Shot Laundry Detergent

Purex Power Shot DetergentPurex Powershot Laundry detergent is really awesome. I had the opportunity to try this wonderfully new product before it hit the shelves this month. I’m actually loving it, because I loathe doing laundry, and Purex Powershot helps simplify the task. There is no measuring when using this product. It takes the guesswork out of measuring which is awesome because sometimes I’m not sure if I should use more or less, and I stand in front of the washer wondering which would be more effective, and then sometimes I feel that I actually ended up accidentally pouring too much. So Purex Powershot is awesome because all you do is flip the lid then flip the bottle and it will automatically pour the correct amount into the wash. NO MEASURING NEEDED!

Purex Power Shot Detergent

The Powershot engine, inside the bottle, will automatically refill and is ready for the next load of laundry. Which is really cool because it’s quick and ready to use for the next load!

Purex Power Shot Detergent The Purex Powershot comes in two scents, Linen & Lilies and then Mountain Breeze. Now for some reason the regular Purex I have a problem with Mountain Breeze being too heavy, however with the power shot I really enjoy the scent and it doesn’t lay heavily upon the clothes. But the scent also lasts quite a while, which I enjoy because it’s still clean smelling a few days later. This new formula has 50% more stain fighting power in every drop vs regular Purex Detergent which I think might help the scent not be so over powering. But the detergent is powerful enough to get rid of my 4 yr old sons messes.

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