Huawei Ascend M860 for Cricket

I bought this phone for myself for Christmas in December 2010, I paid way more then what the online price had said on top of activation fees. It’s worked decently with the exception of being slow and not having the most updated Android system. I was pretty happy with the capabilities of my phone until about 2-3 days ago. It recently won’t charge properly, I will plug it in and it will display on the screen 10% charged, I will go back about an hour later to check the status and it will tell me 5% charged!! So I took to google and looked up charge issues, there were MANY issues with this phone about charge issues.

So what are you supposed to do when your phone is still under warranty? Well you’re supposed to go into a Cricket store, there they will check your phone for malfunctions in the battery or the phone. If it is the battery you buy the replacement and you don’t get a new phone, if it is the phone they will give you a new phone BUT you MUST pay $20 “shipping” fee…..for me this is an issue, not that it is $20, no that’s cheap, but I have NEVER been charged FOR ANYTHING when I had a warranty still to cover it. My Bose Headphones broke, called them, they replaced them when I sent my old ones back, Graco Sweetpace Motor replaced no charge, my car had a few issues still under warranty replaced NO CHARGE. I don’t understand Cricket charging for this since they have the phone, and they just need to activate it. The fact that they are charging me for something that is NOT something I caused is irritating and frankly making me seriously think about changing carriers. I am NOT a happy customer!! I also called the Hauwei company but they are only technical support and they do not deal with warranties AT ALL, only Cricket or Metro PCS can do it….I’m not sure what I’m going to do, I’m probably going to have to EAT the $20, but since this is SUCH a common problem with the Huawei Ascend I don’t want to have to pay the $20 and then have it have the same issue 6 months from now. I mean what are they going to do?

Ease of Use: 4/5
Speed: 2/5
Camera: 2/5 (has no flash)
Capabilities: 4/5

Satisfaction with Cricket:

I have been with Cricket since I was 16, I am now 23…. that’s 7 years with this company, but it doesn’t mean anything to them….I am severely disappointed with this issue.

*Update: So I ended up going to cricket the next day and paying the $20 to get a replacement phone, it appears this phone is a little better then mine was. I’m hoping that it will last longer though, because the warranty does NOT go with the replacement, it still continues with the original purchase so if this one craps out I’m SOL and even if it does it’s ANOTHER $20 😦 but I’m hoping it won’t happen.

Exquisicat Hard Clumping Easy Scooping Cat Litter *Fresh Scent*

With us having 5 cats good cat litter is hard to come by. We’ve tried many brands that were supposed to “clump” and be “easy to scoop” and were for “multiple cats”, but they never seemed to work for us. We only have 2 litter boxes, and yes I’m aware that we should have more, however 4 of our cats are from the same litter and have no problem sharing the box. The 4 use the same litter box while the other one, Sheila, uses the other box.

The problem we ran into with 4 cats using the same litter box was that the litter would clump, but because all the cats pee in the same spot the litter would become too saturated and when trying to scoop would crumble, that was until someone told me about Exquisicat Hard Clumping Easy Scooping Litter.  We tried this litter and no matter how many times the cats pee during the day I can easily scoop it up later that night with no crumbling!I prefer the Fresh Scent vs the Scent Free, because some of my cats fail to cover. The scent also helps maintain the smelly box from emitting throughout the room. I absolutely love this litter and recommend it to anyone who has more than one cat or to people who have a frequent urinator. I give this litter ***** stars!

It’s also very inexpensive, you can by it at Petsmart for $12.99 for 40 LBS! Yes 40 pounds! Sometimes it will also go on sale for petperks members for $9.99-10.99!

Click on the image to go to the petsmart website for further reviews and ratings!

Reviewed by: Dannie